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Club News
Meeting Notes per Jim Amell
Program for Feb. 13th - The Queensbury Jazz band performed for us and was delightful to listen to. Pictures and video of this can be found on our Facebook page.  
Harrison Freer is looking for nominations for the awards this year.  These include, Citizen of the Year and Rotarian of the Year.  Please contact Harrison for your sugestions. 
Barbara Sweet indicated the Memory Care Project is continuing to work on ways to help those who suffer from memory issues.  
Patti Pepe informed us about the Big Brothers/Sisters bowling fund raiser coming up.  
Janice Holding gave an update on the effort with the Interact Club.
New Members:  Tim Robinson and Matt Baitinger were inducted this past week as new members.  Congratulations to the both of them!
Program this Week:  Jim Lafarr, Warren County Sheriff will give us an update on what is happening the sheriffs department and what his plans for the future.
Upcoming Events:   5K Race on April 25th at ACC, Fishiing Derby on May 2nd at Crandall Park.  Distribution of Cloth Grocery Bags - Date to TBD.  
 Program for Jan. 16th - We had a well-attended and informative weekly luncheon last week. Our speaker was our own Tom Lyons who gave us a thorough review and understanding of how social media works and why it has become such a powerful outreach medium for businesses and organizations like our own club. He shared some fascinating statistics on the growth of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a few others. Tom could easily have spent an hour on the topic but unfortunately, we were limited on time. Perhaps he can come back to present Part 2 at a future luncheon! Tom encouraged all of us in the club to engage social media more to stay connected.
January 26, 2020 - Jim Goodspeed thanked everyone for volunteering to help with the packing party for 5K/Shamrock Shuffle scheduled for Sunday, January 26th. We have filled the volunteer slots, but all are welcome! More hands will make for faster work! Jim also updated us on the Christ Church supper for the homeless in Glens Falls scheduled for Saturday, January 25th. We could use a few more hands to help serve if you have the time.
Alzheimers Effort - Barb Sweet updated us on the Alzheimer’s Support Group meeting at Glens Falls Hospital. Our club is taking an active role in supporting this effort in our community. She encouraged everyone in the club who may have interest to attend the meeting on January 25th at the Pruyn Pavilion, 3rd Floor, in Glens Falls Hospital.
This Weeks Program - Jeanne Williams from the Feeder Canal Alliance will give us an update about the initiatives for our waterways. 
 Program for Jan. 23th -  Jeannie Williams talked about history of Feeder Canal and its significance to the area’s economy after it was placed in service. She also talked about trying to link with regional, even state wide trail systems, and finally the acquisition of, and current and planned future use of the coal silos.
Volunteers Events for January 25 & 26, 2020 - Kudos to all the volunteers:
(Brian, Stephanie, and  Molly Corcoran, Jim Amell, Dave Lebel, Barbara and Bob Rosoff, Jim and Melissa Goodspeed 
Fred and Maryellen Field, Harrison Field, Beth Gillingham and Scott Gushlaw, Paulette Kershko, Charla Jennings, Jackie Touba,
Kerri and Gene Lewis, Jim Goodspeed)
who helped with both the serving of the poor at the Saturday supper held and the Christ Church United Methodist and the Sunday bulk mailing for the Shamrock Shuffle and our upcoming 5K.  
This Weeks Program - Ellie von Wellsheim will tell us about the MoonCatcher program that is part of our district effort to help young women in other countries adjust to adulthood. 
Note: If you would like any information published in our weekly newsletter, please send me the information.  
 Program for Jan. 9th - This weeks program was a presentation by Lee and Linda Pollock about their recent trip to Nepal.  Thank you for sharing this experience.    
District Training Meeting - Tuesday, Jan. 14th - There will be a district membership training meeting from 6:30 - 8:00 at the Salvation Army on Broad Street.  Membership Committee members and anyone interested are welcome to attend. 
Ernest Peltz father of Charles Peltz passed away a week ago. Ernest was an honoary member of our club.  
January 26, 2020 - Rotary volunteers will be needed to help prepare for our annual 5K race.  This will involve also helping the Shamrock Shuffle race as well.  This will take place at the Glens Falls Association for the Blind on Ridge Street.  A volunteer signup list will be available in early January. 
 Program for Dec 19th - This weeks program was the great performance by the Glens Falls High School Octet who sang songs and danced to the music.  It should be noted that they are actually more than a group of 8 and have somewhere around 20 students who performed for us.  We were delighted to see them and look forward to have them perform again next year at this time.    
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkak, and a Happy New Year.  I can't believe that our Rotary year is now half over.  The many working committees have helped this be a smooth transition for me.  Thanks to all of you who have made this possible. As our activities wind down over the few weeks, let us reflect on the past few months and prepare and plan for the upcoming future.  Spring will show up as well as our activities such as the 5K race on April 25, 2020 and hopefully the Fishing Derby in early May.  We are still looking for a project lead for this event which is for the young children and their parents.  I know the Interact and RYLA groups will continue over the next few months and may be looking for volunteers.  Other events such as the Jenkinsville Soccer Tournament will then follow.  So while our activities subside in January, February and March, Rotarians will be still be engaged for the upcoming year.  I hope all of you who are on committees continue with your efforts and hope new members find ways to contribute.  Thank you all. 
December 26, 2019 -  No Meeting  
Program for January 2, 2020 - Ellie von Wellsheim will talk about the MoonCatcher Project that we have heard about through our member Janice Holding. 
January 25, 2019 - Rotary volunteers will be needed to serve supper at the Christ Church United Methodist.  Keep on the lookout for the volunteer signup invitation. 
January 26, 2020 - Rotary volunteers will be needed to help prepare for our annual 5K race.  This will involve also helping the Shamrock Shuffle race as well.  This will take place at the Glens Falls Association for the Blind on Ridge Street.  A volunteer signup list will be available in early January. 
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We also meet every first and third Tuesday at 7:30 am at Spot Coffee on 221 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY. Stop by and enjoy a bagel, coffee, and some early morning fellowship with us.
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