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Choluteca Water Project Makes Significant Progress



Despite a few setbacks caused by excessive rainfall, the Biosand Filter Project in Choluteca, Hondouras has still managed to make significant gains placing filters with families in many of the communities across the country.

The Glens Falls Rotary
pure water project in Choluteca, Honduras has been very successful, with over 2,300 water filters installed there. With our seed money, donations from other clubs, Rotary International Foundation, and Pure Water for the World, we have made a huge difference in the health of families there.


Pure Water for the World has been working to assist teams in this country place water filtration systems with poor families in remote communities and thereby help to improve the health of children with access to clean water.


On October 1st, Pure Water for the World participated in a parade with a float to celebrate Choluteca Day. The effort was to help educate and encourage the citizens about the benefits of clean water.


A monthly progress report from the Choluteca Rotary Club summarizes the progress they are making. The report highlights are as follows:


 • The plastic filter experiment has been completed.  The report is still pending, but according to preliminary results, the design of the new plastic filter seems to function well and equally to the concrete filter.

• We experienced many transport problems with the strong rains which lasted for two weeks.  As a result, we had to postpone the delivery of filters to two communities.  (To reach these communities, it is necessary to cross several streams which rise quickly when it rains.)  But at the end of the month, when it stopped raining, we were able to transport two truckloads of filters to La Tajeada and San Jerónimo.

• Attempts were made to de-parasite some of the first filter communities of Choluteca, but we were turned back for multiple days due to the rainwater that had flooded roads in low-lying areas.  At the end of the month, three communities were de-parasited.  We are now preparing other communities in San Marcos de Colón to receive their medications.

• We are introducing the project to a few new communities: Jocomico and San José de las Conchas.  Also, the mayor of Choluteca has committed to pay part of the filter costs for the poor communities of

San Ramón, Quebrachal, and Santuario.

  Three of the four filters donated by the Rotary Club of Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania, have been placed. 

We are looking for one more family to receive the final filter.

  The Pure Water Choluteca team participated in a parade to celebrate Choluteca Day (October 1st).

• Mikael Swirp, Director of Operations (and a former volunteer in Choluteca), and Hector Pavón, project

coordinator, visited us at the end of October to learn about the Community Agents training program.

• In Buena Vista, where a church is buying filters for low-income families, the leader has asked us to give the Community Agent training to nine volunteers who have been selected.

• In the three communities de-parasited this month, almost everyone is using their filters correctly and is happy with the project.  In the few cases in which the filter is not being used, the owner had moved away to a different town.  One filter was plugged, but upon arrival we solved the problem and the filter now continues to function.

• The community of Fantasioso, which has had the filter project for more than 1.5 years, also wants to receive the Community Agent training.  The team would like to design another slightly different training program specifically for communities which have had the project for more than a year, to better address pertinent issues.








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