The Glens Falls Rotary Club is pleased to announce an important new exhibit at The Chapman Museum. "Let's All Fight" is a collection of war posters donated to the Chapman Museum by the late Linc Cathers who was a valued member of the Glens Falls Rotary Club. During his youth, Linc asked to be given war posters which were displayed on buildings in his hometown. They were usually discarded when new posters arrived. He saved several hundred of these posters and kept them for posterity. In 2001, he donated a significant portion of these posters to the Chapman Museum. They are a unique window into those years when the U.S. government mass-produced home front posters and distributed them throughout the country to build and maintain public support for the war effort. It's an interesting view of our communities - one not to be missed! These unique posters may be perused at the Chapman Museum through September 20, 2020 or online at their website: You may also listen to a recent discussion about this exhibit by Tim Weidner, Executive Director of the Chapman Museum, here: Please use one or more of these options to take a look at this exhibit. You'll be glad you did! Our thanks to the Chapman Museum for this special display!